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Japanese New Year Brunch!

I believe the beauty of Japanese New Year is in the morning of January 1st, is when we have the OSECHI. It is a traditional celebration food, placed neatly in a beautiful Jyu-Bako (a layer of furnished wood boxes that can be stacked up or layed out open). Each menu have special meanings; wish for long living, prosperity of the descendants, happiness, promotion in work, etc, that leads to happiness of the new year.

This tradition started in the early 17th Century, changing its style from time to time, and also from area to area and family to family. So, with some basic rules, the taste of every Osechi is different depending on where your parents are from, where you live and who you are married to. As my parents’ origin are from west Japan but we’ve living in Tokyo for more a long time, our family has a MIXed style.

Cooked neatly and beautifully, these turned into our family’s New Year Brunch, OSECHI!

First layer “appetizers for New Year’s sake”;
sweetened black bean from Tamba, egg roll “Date-maki”, mashed sweet potatoes with sweetened chestnuts, pink & white boiled fish paste “Kamaboko”, herring roe “Kazunoko”, shrimp, ikura, dried young anchovies “Gomame”

Second layer “hors d’oeuvres and roasted/grilled food”;
sweet & sour lotus root, smoked duck, grilled salmon with miso sauce “Saikyo-yaki”, yellowtail terikyaki, thick omelette, a dish of raw fish and vegetables seasoned in vinegar “Namasu”, roast beef & pork.

Third layer “Dashi cooked vegetables from the farm”;
lily bulb, taro, lotus root, bamboo shoot, freeze-dried tofu, arrowhead “Kuwai”, shita-ke, and rolled kelp with herring “Kobumaki”

Yes, I was sooooo stuffed!!


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  1. Kanchi

    How beautiful it is!
    I made Japanese Osechi this year for the first time, but I’ve never had a traditional one.
    I wanna taste your Osechi!
    I love your cookings.

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